About Shirt Magic

Shirt Magic is NOT part of the Apparel Search Company.

ShirtMagic is a leading online custom apparel store, where customers are provided with the tools they need to design and order customized apparel for their businesses, teams, groups and events with ease, speed and less expensively than ever before. With their cutting-edge technology, customer service oriented staff and value-priced quality products, they are fulfilling your custom apparel needs without you ever having to leave the house. 

No job is too big or too small for ShirtMagic. Providing you with cost-effective custom apparel is their sole business. 

Small Businesses 

Small businesses that want to create custom apparel can now do so easily. Whether uploading a preexisting logo, or have the ShirtMagic talented designers create one for you, small businesses can design and order apparel to build brand awareness or reward important customers.  ShirtMagic can then add the logos to the system and provide businesses with convenient access to their marks for future orders. 


Corporations that have been dedicating valuable marketing man-hours to creating and obtaining quality, stylish custom apparel, can now save time, effort and money by adding their logos to the ShirtMagic system. By using ShirtMagic, marketing departments can create and order branded apparel in a few minutes, from a personal computer, rather than spending many hours or days on the phone attempting to describe to suppliers exactly what they have in mind.  Additionally, their real-time online prices eliminate the need for the traditional back and forth price quote process that exists with standard providers. 

Collegiate Institutions 

Collegiate institutions can dramatically increase their awareness of and influence on the use of their trademarks on custom apparel, while providing better design resources and superior service to their students and administrators.  Additionally, ShirtMagic enables the students of institutions to share their original artwork across groups and over time. 

Preferred Vendors 

ShirtMagic offers customers the stylish apparel the market demands. ShirtMagic processes orders, provides suppliers with complete, predictable electronic order specifications and pays vendors irrespective of receiving payments from customers. Vendors can open these new revenue channels and build brand awareness without reshuffling their operations to handle legions of small customers. 

Corporate Sponsors 

Corporate sponsors can increase their visibility in the community and on campuses, and associate themselves with the events and organizations with which students and other customers identify. ShirtMagic's design process gives customers the option to add sponsors's logos or advertisements to their custom merchandise in return for sponsor-subsidized discounts. With othe pay-as-you-go payment structure and the ability to specify the size and placement of their logos or copy as well as the amount of the subsidy offered, sponsors receive unique, high-value promotion with minimum risk. 

About the Company  

ShirtMagic, LLC, an innovative virtual store that enables customers to design and order custom-decorated apparel online.  ShirtMagic uses the Internet's enormous capacity for managing and communicating information to lower transaction barriers for obtaining high-quality custom apparel. ShirtMagic is privately funded and headquartered in Orange, Connecticut. 

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